From the dome to the diffuser, Natural Light tubular skylights are engineered to be easy to install, trouble free and maintenance free.  

The Dome is constructed of high impact modified acrylic. Considerably stronger than regular acrylic, it easily with stands wide temperature variations. This material is also UV stabilized, absorbing 99%ofUV rays while maintaining optic clarity.

The Roof Jack is .080 luminum, making it one of the thickest flashings on the market. Its unique forward sloping design eliminates light robbing elbows in most installations and it fits on any flat or pitched roof. The round seamless flange is designed to uniformly expand and contract under changing environmental conditions ensuring years of leak free operation. Easily paintable to blend in with your roof, its low, unobtrusive profile makes it appealing to home owners associations.

The Stress Collar is exclusive to Natural Light tubular skylights. This seamless aluminum collar is factory fastened to the dome and functions to equalize the stress around it.The collar is connected to the roofjack eliminating screws into the dome; avoiding the major cause
of leakage.

The Light Pipe is silver coated aluminum with a total reflectivity of 98%. The pipe is easily trimmed with shears during installation.

The Trim Ring is seamless aluminum. Powder coated for durability, it will blend into any decor.


The Diffuser
is designed with a precise arc for exact light dispersion without spot lighting or glare. Available in soft white or prismatic, it snaps into the trimring for a snug, dust and moisture free seal.

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