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This 680 sq.ft. mother in-laws addition is complete with washing machine and dryer and spacious walk in closet . Rear and front entrance to addition allow for the feeling of personal space, even though entry to main house through double french doors is availible. This addition done in Galt 2013.

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This is a detached garage 1020 sq.ft. in size. Stucco exterior on front side and T-111 plywood siding on remaining 3 sides. There are (2) 13” Solar Tube lights installed into ceiling to provide free lighting at all times during the daytime hours. This job was done is Sacramento Co. (Galt, Ca.) area. This is a great addition to any country property or city property with a lot of extra unused space on their lot.
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This is a patio cover that we did in the Galt, Ca. area. As you can see the main objective of all our additions and remodels is not to be able to see that it is an addition. Tying into the existing house is top priority with JBK Construction.

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This was a 500 sq.ft. living space addition in the Herald , Ca. area. We added a 350 sq.ft. covered patio and we also tied into the south end of the house a 885 sq.ft. shop with 12' high
plate line.
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This is an exterior face lift that was done in Lodi Ca. The front porch was redesigned as well as the back porch . All new concrete work was done. Rock facing was used on all the column details. Natural wood was used on the ceilings of both front and rear porches.The entire house was re-roofed at the same time.

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This is a church remodel that we did in Lodi, Ca. The church was built in the 60’s and need a face lift to bring it up to to date . We took the square platform out and replaced it with a round platform. Re-textured the walls and new carpet a new professional sound and light system . The church is ready for another 40 years of service. We also brought the church up to date concerning ADA rules with a wheel-chair lift to the platform.
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We take care of the California Structural Engineering requirements.
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This addition was done in two parts on both sides of the house. The additions are located in the Galt area. The old house and the new additions where all sided with vinyl siding drawing all parts together as one. The one end was made into a game room while the other end was done into a Master bath. The two additions together were about 750 sq.ft. in total area
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This is a patio addition that we added on to the back of an existing home making it look as if it were built at the same time as the rest of house.
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This is an addition that we did in Woodbridge. It is about 140 sq.ft. and was designed as a Painters Studio. You can see that the roof provides a deck for the master bedroom. The railing is Redwood and the flooring is made from Brazilian Hardwood (Epi). As an artist the owner needed as much daylight as possible. The windows that were installed have one of the highest U-values availble on the market today. Wood flooring in the studio makes for a nice surface to walk on and makes it easier to keep clean.

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